Welcome !


who are we ?

We are people who have come for different reasons, from Europe, Asia, Africa and America, as well as locals from Ostfriesland. On 11-6-2006, our organisation has established.

why is there our association ?

Purpose of the association is the promotion of international attitude and tolerance in culture and international understanding (§ 52 Abs. 2 der AO).

The purpose of this article is served in particular through:
  • language courses
  • help to help themselves by questions associated with social integration
  • multicultural events
  • participation in networks and events in agreement to the purpose of the articles
  • organisation of journeys and meetings to aid mutual awareness with the host society
  • mediation of multiethnic cultures and fostering of tradition in the fields of language, dance, music, art, eating habits and lifestyle
The association is a charitable organisation; it does not primarily pursue its own financial purposes.

In march 2000 we firstly offered a voluntary and free German course. More than 600 people from 45 countries took lessons in various German courses.

Until March 2005 we could carry out the courses in the old community center and later in the Kultur Bunker. After the municipal authority had terminated the cooperation with us, we had to leave the room in the culture bunker on March 18th, 2005, and were taken at the relief action in the Gottfried-Keller-Straße.

In fall 2006, to meet the room and financial problems, we decided, founding an organisation of one's own. The inaugural meeting with a proper choice and adoption of foundation rules was carried out on November 6th, 2006, with 14 members. We gave us the name „Kultur- und Bildungsverein Internationales Barenburg“ after the purpose, the international character and the headquarters of our organisation.

In 2007 we moved to the former community center in the Hermann-Allmers-Straße.

At the beginning of 2008 we finally found rooms of our own in the „Glaspalast“ ( Klein-von Diepold Straße ) which was payable for us. We have set each other up here, carried out different projects and have got homelike.

At the beginning of 2012 the demolition of the „Glaspalast“ became acutely in the context of the program „Soziale Stadt“. We were on the search for payable rooms again. For the double price but still the cheapest one for our purposes we could rent storerooms in the bunker ( Emsmauerstraße ). The location in the center is favorable. Authorities, schools, museums are fast attainable. The removal also required a change of name, since we don't have our seat in district Barenburg any more.

Now we are Internationales Emden e.V..

hat we do ?

German courses for the preparation on the examinations for A1, A2, B1;
Politics course ‑ Computer course ‑ Culture and art;
Testimonials twice in the year.
Last friday in the month AG Kochen und Freizeit takes place.
Social sewing room
We offer our international kitchen in theStadtgarten on May 1st every year.
Bicycle tour
One-day trip
Christmas party
Summer party

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